So your principal found you precariously standing on a student desk trying to hang student work from your ceiling tile; and you cal still see the fear on his or her face as the boss lectured you on the liability of such behavior and how it could affect the workmen's comp issue in your district if you should fall. Well, we have something both you and the principal will realize the merits of; it's called Ceiling Hangers, the easiest way to hang stuff from your grid ceiling. It's fast and simple to put up and take down.

*no cutting
*no knotting
*no tile damage
*no standing on desks, chairs, tables, ladders, or shoulders
*no kidding
Use for displaying artwork, posters, name cards, decorations, project work, you name it!
Use in classrooms, hallways, libraries, the office - any place there's a grid ceiling.
See the graphic that follows for more detail.

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