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RADIO CONTROLLED for 6 and up!

  • ROBOT IN MY ROOM: A personal robot that acts as guard from intruders, counts your coins, acts as a locking safe, an alarm clock, and a reading timer. Over 50 responses, phrases and sound effects included.
  • GREEN MAMBA SNAKE: over 20 inches, cool slithering action, light up eyes, 4 way remote control
  • TARANTULA: big as a human hand, crawling action, furry realistic texture, light up eyes, and moves in any direction


    Education Station is stocked and ready to help supply young biology interests. Consider:
    • Ant Farm or Giant Ant Farm live ant habitats - watch as they dig tunnels, build bridges and move mountains - 6 yrs. and up
    • Ant Farm: Gel Colony 3-D tunnels in nutrient rich gel - 6 yrsuny and up
    • Ant Works: Tunnel Vision interconnect the Antworks habitats to enlarge your colony - 8 and up.
    • Worm Observatorywatch and learn about fascinating wiggly world of worms - 6 and up
    • Praying Mantis Kit Raise your own live Praying Mantis - and observe the life cycle and biology of your new pets - 6 and up
    • Beetle Barn: Easy to raise Darkling Beetle lifecycle kit - 8 and up
    • Ladybug Playground 4 and up Portable habitat perfect for ladybugs and/or other small bugs.
    • Ultimate Bug Viewer or Bug Jug live insect viewers with built-in magnifiers


      If you have a curious young scientist at home, and you want to help him or her enlarge their world, be sure to examine these options from Education Station.
      • Smithsonian Microscope (900X) and Telescope (50X) Super Set no glass or sharp instruments: 8 years and up
      • GeoVision's Micro Pro Elite 98 piece microscope set 50X - 900X magnification - grades 3 and up
      • Smithsonian 900X Die Cast Microscope Microscope with rugged carrying case - safe optics set, ages 8 and up
      • SCOPE IT OUT Indoor/outdoor lighted 50X microscope (with built in light) - 6 yrs and up - also available with 30X mic
      • MEGA VIEW TV MICROSCOPE Connects to your TV - up to 200X magnification: hand held or table top option, ages 6 and up

      Night Sky Gazer; Bring It into Your Room

      If a nice clear, bright night sky makes you pause and wish you knew more about what's "out there", Education Station may be able to help you with these choices.
      • SPACE EXPLORER TELESCOPE 3 in 1 telescope with built-in images and audiofacts - 6 and up
      • STAR SCOPE telescope with star and planet locator software - 8 and up
      • STAR THEATER - 8 and up - planetarium and guided audio tour
      • MOON IN MY ROOM remote controlled with light up lunar phases - 6 and up
      • NIGHT SKY NAVIGATOR illuminated star and constellation locator - 8 and up
      • NIGHT SKY PROJECTOR CLOCK time and space image projector: 10 and up
      • SOLAR SYSTEM IN MY ROOM 6 and up - motorized planets with light up sun


      • Free gift wrap
      • Playmobil and Webkinz incentive clubs
      • Tuesday is Lamination Bonanza Day $.89 per ft.